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Easy Love Spells for Bringing Love into Your Life

Looking for a few easy love spells? Spells can be as complex or as simple as you want them to be. What’s more important when conducting spell work is that your will and intent is strong, and the components you use are all in alignment with your intentions.

What’s also important is to have to spell worded very carefully, as words often have multiple meanings. You don’t want a double entendre to mess up the energies you’ll be sending out into the universe with the spell. To that end, you’ll need to practice love magick responsibly and with care. Below are several easy love spells you can use to help establish the right energies for falling in love.

A Word about Magickal Correspondences


When working easy love spells, you’ll need to align all of the items you will use with the spell and its intention. With love spells in particular, you can call on or work with any of the love goddesses from a variety of pantheons around the world.

For instance, you might be comfortable calling on Venus from the Roman pantheon, Aphrodite from the Greek pantheon, or Freya, the Norse goddess of love. As long as the goddess is one associated with love, she is an ideal goddess to work with when working love spells. Of course, you can also work with gods like Eros, Kāmadeva, or even Cupid.

Timing: The ideal working for love spells are Fridays as the day is associated with many goddesses of love. Fridays are associated with friendship, passion, gentleness, romance, fertility, and birth as well. Now the ideal moon phases to perform easy love spells are the new moon, which are representative of new beginnings, or on the full moon, when you are pregnant with power.

However, some love spells are ideal during the waning moon as well. For example, if you were to perform a spell to end your loneliness, then the waning moon, representing endings, would be the appropriate moon phase for spell workings.

Love Drawing Spell

love-drawing-spell-ingredientsYou can get all the ingredients for this easy love spell, right in your home. You’ll need the following:

  • A small pouch or a small glass vial with cork: You can make a pouch out of a small piece of fabric and some thread within a matter of minutes. Otherwise, you can find small vials at your local craft store.
  • Six poppy seeds = fertility and love. You’ll need six because it is the number associated with Venus.
  • A bit of apple peel = Undying love.
  • A bit of lemon peel = for the purposes of purification, longevity, friendship, and love.
  • A bit of orange peel = for luck and love.
  • A small pink ribbon = for compassionate love.
  • A small red ribbon = for passionate love.
  • A small yellow ribbon = for friendship between lovers.
  • A tiny pinch of cinnamon = for lust and love.
  • A tiny pinch of marjoram = for health, love, and happiness.
  • A tiny pinch of sugar = just a touch of sweetness.
  • Vanilla incense = for breathing in the essence of love.

Gather the above components. Light the vanilla incense. Think of the kind of love you want to bring into your life. See yourself happy and fulfilled. Once the vision is clear in your mind, place the items in the pouch or vial one by one. As you put each item in the pouch or bag. Say the following:

“The new/full moon shines light on me,

And sees who my soulmate is to be,

I ask Venus to send me my love fast,

Let twin hearts and souls meet at last.

“As I will it, So Mote it Be.”

Once you’ve placed the last item in the pouch, you’ll tie it off with the yellow ribbon first, followed by the pink ribbon, followed by the red. Make sure you follow the order of the ribbons carefully, as they represent friendship, compassionate love, and passionate love in that order respectively. If you’ve used a vial, you’ll tie the small pieces of ribbon around the upper edge of the bottle in the same order. Carry the pouch or vial in your handbag, purse, or pocket until love arrives in your life.

Magnetic Power Spell

magnetic-power-love-spellThis spell helps to draw love into all aspects of your life. You’ll need to have the following:

  • A small bottle or mason jar
  • Basil
  • Cinnamon
  • Clover
  • Dried rose petals
  • Lodestone
  • Piece of parchment paper
  • Raspberry leaves (tea will suffice)
  • Red pen
  • Thyme

Add all of the of the ingredients into the mason jar. On the parchment paper, use the red pen to write the following:

“The love I seek will fill all aspects of my life. I invite love into every part of my life and every part of my being.”

Place the paper in the jar. Seal the jar. Hide the jar somewhere in your home or store it somewhere where you will be able to see it so you can remember its message.

Essential Oil Love Attraction Spell

essential-oil-spellDo you have an oil burner of diffuser in your home? This spell is easy to complete. Even if you don’t have a burner, you’ll still be able to perform this spell. All you need is the following:

  • 2 drops of lavender oil
  • 2 drops of musk oil
  • 2 drops of rose oil

Add to your diffuser or burner. If you don’t have the latter items, then fill a small pot and boil some water. Add the oil to it and allow it to rise up into the air via the steam produced. All of the above oils are associated with love and you can use them in any of the easy love spells shared here as an additional component if you like.

As the oils fill the air with their scent, sit in silence and literally breathe in the essence of the oils as if you were breathing in the love you want in your life. You also have the option of making small sachets and using the above scents in the sachets. Place them around your home, in your dressers, or in other rooms for powerful love-drawing effects you’ll derive from this easy love spell.