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How to Find True Love When You’re Looking for the Man of Your Dreams

Every day we have goals for ourselves, but we all have that one life goal to find that one true love: our soulmate. For many, it may seem like a lofty, near-unobtainable goal.

We often spend time dreaming of the day we will meet the person who will complete our lives, but bad breakups and unsuccessful relationships sometimes drain us of the hope that we will ever find a relationship that is more than superficial.

When you are thinking about finding true love, you are looking for something REAL – something deep, genuine, and life altering.

Indeed, when true love enters your life you will know it because your entire view of the world changes and suddenly there’s love around you, everywhere you look!

Now, as you look for the man of your dreams, there’s some things you can do to make it far more likely you’ll find him. Once found, the two of you can work on developing a relationship based on trust, honesty, and deep, reciprocal feelings of love. Here are some tips for you to follow when you’re wondering how to find true love and fast!

Before you do anything, sit down and define your definition of “true love.” The idea of defining true love may seem strange at first, but if you spend some time reflecting on what the notion of true love means to you, then you’ll be better able to determine the kind of man you’re looking for and the qualities or attributes of your ideal man. Once you define what you’re seeking, let the search begin!


Meeting people is easier now than it has ever been before. The Internet makes it possible to meet people from across the nation or even the world, so you’re relationship options are greatly expanded in every regard. In the past, it seemed like it was a bit more difficult to find your one and only soul mate.

There wasn’t as much media in the past, which made dating and finding the perfect person a prospect confined by one’s ability to interact with others either locally or when traveling.

The Internet has changed all that, and it seems like almost everyone is using dating websites online or taking advantage of the convenience some mobile apps offer in the way of meeting others. Hence, you’ve got plenty of tools at your disposal to start your search for your “other half.”

Whether meeting people online and hooking up with someone you’ve just met through social circles, there’s some things you can do to “test the true love waters.” First, remember that true love doesn’t necessarily happen in a glance, in an instant, or even with a few dates.

A relationship between two people blossoms into love … it’s cultivated, cared for, nurtured, and all of the latter is an ongoing process. Therefore, If you planning to date a person that you think is cute or that you’ve had a crush on, then take the time to be friends first.

Finding your true love means that you’re going to want to spend quality time getting to know someone well enough that the compatibility between the two of you is assured.

You don’t want to just get with a person because you thought they were cute for years. True love involves more than just physical attraction or sexual tension between two people. Of course, attraction plays a role in the desire for one another, but true love goes beyond the superficiality of mere attraction.

Besides, what happens if, years from now, you realize you’ve just never had anything in common? Undoubtedly, such a relationship would, at minimum fail, or end badly with feelings hurt over wasted time. Getting to know a person well enough before jumping into the love arena puts you on better footing when you want to cultivate a loving relationship.

Don’t fake who you are, and just be yourself. How will you find the right guy for you if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not? You won’t really ever know if he is into you for who you are. If the person does like the facsimile of you, you’ll eventually get tired of having to pretend being someone you’re not. If he can’t accept you for who you truly are with all your flaws and imperfections, then it’s not your true love, and it’s time to move on to other prospects.

A very important step to finding the right person for yourself is to love yourself first. How can you experience real love when you can’t love who you are? You want to feel confident about yourself because it’s your confidence that will prove attractive.


A lack of confidence can affect you psychically and emotionally – it will show in your body movements, gestures, appearance, and even your eyes. Because, how can you be a half in the ideal “soulmate” relationship if you can’t even be whole when you’re by yourself?

If you want your partner to be confident and independent when you’re not there, then you have to be that way too. There’s no one-way street in a relationship.

Treat people they way you’d want to be treated. If you want to be loved and respected, then you have to love and respect the same way you’d want them to treat you. By respecting each other, this means you can have your boundaries and space when you need it.

It also means that you can respect any differences you have, and you’ll establish a relationship out of respect and understanding. Once you establish a mutual respect for each other, then you’re one step closer letting love blossom between the two of you.

Everyone has an idea of what they want in a person: Funny, smart, rich, or beautiful. But a lot of the times when people get in the relationship it ends up not working out because they’re more focused on the ideal person they made up in their mind. In reality, people are people, and absolutely no one is perfect. You should look for someone based on how they are on the inside, not what’s on the outside, or what they have or don’t have.

Most of all, don’t rush and be patient. Love takes time. You have to be willing to be committed not just partially, but entirely. Love has its own way of connecting two people in a way never thought imaginable, and it’s the best feeling to have a person there by your side forever.

So be patient, because there is always someone out there for you, and you may have to go through a couple of bad ones, before Mr. Near-Perfect walks into your life and stays. These few simple tips may help you find your true love. Just be yourself, and enjoy the time it takes to reach that right person because in the end it will all be worth it.