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How to Flirt With a Guy Over Text

Many relationships start through the fun, creative, and flirty chemistry made between two people.

It’s not always easy for a that flirting chemistry to happen, and if you’re having trouble with flirting with a guy over text, then these small tips and tricks may be good for you. They’re many things you should and shouldn’t do. Let’s start with the things you should do when flirting with a guy over text.

Tell the guy you remember him. By letting the guy know you remember him, you’re not only boosting his ego and confidence, you’re boosting his feelings for you. It’s not only a win for him, but it’s a win on your part too. This can leave him spending a fair amount of time thinking about you, and it’ll have him trying harder to win your attention.

Use a lot of smiley faces and emoji’s. Using a simple smiley face or a winking face to say, “Hey,” will start a conversation off to a good start. Also by using emoji’s it’ll not only put a smile on your face, but it’ll put a smile on his face as well.


Always use his name when referring to him on a personal level or on an intimate one. By doing this, you’re aiming the attention directly at him, and you’re letting him know your feelings are for him. Use his name in every few texts especially when complimenting him, and if you have a nickname for him already, make sure to use that as well.

Compliment him; be sweet towards him. Guys love attention and compliments, especially from girls. The more you compliment him, the more he’ll want to do something nice for you. Turn him on discretely. Don’t try and turn on a guy through a text directly. It’ll make him think you’re too easy and he’ll lose interest fast.

You want to text back answering his questions, but leaving a little imagination to his mind to keep him interested. Say things like, “I just got out of the shower,” or “I’m trying in some new clothes I bought.” It’s a great way to flirt with a guy without making it too obvious.

Keep things short. You don’t want to send him a paragraph every time you text him. Telling him your whole life story in one shot is going to bore him, and he’ll lose interest quickly that way. You want to keep things short and simple; by doing this, he’ll find you to be mysterious and interesting. He’ll think about you a lot more trying to figure you out, keeping the chase going.

Now that you know most of the should-dos, you need to know the don’ts when flirt texting with a guy. Never make it too obvious. You don’t want to come off too strong with the flirting. He’ll find you to be too easy, and he’ll think he doesn’t have to impress you as much.

Always make him talk dirty, by making him think dirty, but never initiate the flirting. He will think he’s just getting lucky and in reality, it’ll be you who’s doing all the hard work and planning, and always avoid seeming like you’re the only one who’s flirting. It’ll make you look desperate and clingy.

Avoid being too clingy. If you send him a text and he doesn’t end up responding right away, don’t be in a hurry to send a million more texts until he does respond. You’ll come off as clingy, and chances are the only reason he’s not responding right away is because he’s most likely busy with something else.

If a guy is really into you when you text him he’ll more than likely text you back in a flash, unless he’s busy. Always remember he has a life too, that he’s not a dog and won’t beg and bark over every time you talk to him, and he needs his space.


Without space, the chemistry and mystery won’t last between you. Never ask him to join you to go to the movies or something last minute. Planning this at the last minute will eventually make him angry, only do it if he texts asking to join you.

Last but not least, never drag on a conversation. Not only will you get bored quickly, but so will he. Try keeping it short and simple, and keep the topics interesting always leave the guy wondering. You want him to keep the chase going.

Always keep these small tips and tricks in mind when you’re flirting with a guy over text. By doing these simple and easy things once in a while, not only will it make him fall harder for you, but it’ll make flirting over text a lot easier and more interesting.