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Why Men are Less Likely to Marry Than Women

The numbers are in, ladies, and it isn’t looking good for the matrimonial-minded among you. Going in to this new year, its beginning to look a lot like men aren’t as interested in tying the knot as they have been in years past and the reasons behind this shift in consciousness may surprise you.

We’ve drilled the experts and scoured the streets to try to get to the bottom of this rising social issue and here is what we have discovered.

Divorce is getting more expensive

According to a survey of divorce attorneys done by from 2006, most couples shell out around $ 9,000 to split and that is just for basic legal fees. Many couples who split uncontested can get around the majority of those fees, but even a basic divorce costs around $500 just to file and that is still a pretty penny to pay for the dissolution of something that should have lasted forever.

Men usually end up paying their exs long after the marriage is over


Whether you believe it or not, we still live in a society where men continue to be the major breadwinners in most relationships and although that may be a feather in their collective caps, it will cost them an arm and a leg in alimony or spousal support.

Although the payments are tax deductible and can actually make sense for many former couples, the idea of paying out their hard-earned dollars to women who don’t even want the men around anymore can make a marriage proposal difficult to come by.

Modern society has completely accepted “live-in” relationships

According to a study conducted by The Pew Research Center, more than 20% of adults over the age of 25 years old have never been married and that number has doubled since the 1960s. The researchers are convinced that one of the biggest reasons for the decline is a very modern acceptance of common-law partnerships, domestic partnerships, and live-in relationships.

These quasi-nuclear families are just as effective for raising children and offer all of the benefits of a traditional family without the risks of an expensive divorce.

Careers are more important than ever

Single men at bar

With the cost of living steadily rising, more men and women are focusing on their careers than ever before and making more money than their happily married ancestors.

When a man and a women are both employed and making above the standard living wage, it could push them into a tax bracket that they had never dreamed they would one day fall into and thus make them financial victims of the so-called “Marriage Penalty.”

You can read more about that here:

The penalty described is a tax placed on married couples who file a joint income tax and while couples who fall below the line will get the benefit of a refund, couples who surpass the amount will be forced to pay dearly.

This is especially true in high cost of living areas where wages are higher and pay is raised to account for it. So, it stands to reason that some couples will actually make more money co-habitating than they would traditionally married.

Men in larger cities take longer to take the plunge and some never do

The going statistic is that men in larger cities (as opposed to men living in rural or suburban areas) have an average first-time marrying age of 28 and a 3% higher rate of never marrying at all.

The rate also increases among men who have had five or more years of college, so, ladies, if you find yourself trapped in the concrete jungle with no commitment minded man in sight, it is possible that you are mere the product of some unfavorable statistics. The explanation for this obscure fact is pretty basic: there are more ladies to choose from.

This, among the other reasons that we have looked at previously- such as longer-working hours, less stringent family norms, etc. fully explains why there seems to be a sizeable discrepancy between the city and the country in numbers of men saying “I do.”

Despite the research, ladies, there are still plenty of marriage-minded fish in the sea for each and every one of you, but the competition is getting pretty tough out there.

The most important thing to keep in mind before you start shopping for gowns is that the right man is out there for everyone and if your guy doesn’t plan on shopping for rings, you can always find one who does.