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Wicca Love Spells: Positive Spells for Drawing Love into Your Life

Are you in search of a few Wicca love spells? If you want to work any spell with Wiccan undertones, you are going to want to understand how Wiccans actually perform such spells before you attempt to do so yourself.

There are some guidelines that Wiccans adhere to in regard to performing love spells, and following such guidelines is important. The significance of the guidelines cannot be understated. Following some basic rules will not only do well to improve the success of the spell, but it can help you in preventing some magickal mishaps.

Love Spells & Wiccan Practices

Wiccans follow the Wiccan Rede, particularly the final line of the entire rede that is: “These Eight words the Rede fulfill: An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will.” Essentially, the latter line is the measure that all Wiccans aspire to, to live in the world without harming others.

To that end, many Wiccans see love spells, especially those aimed directly at another person, is an act that results in the imposing of one’s will on another. Wiccans hold high the idea of free will, and to impose one’s will on another is not only manipulative, but also highly unethical.

Wiccans do not perform love spells aimed directly at another or to attract a specific individual. Instead, the magick involves two stages: One where magick is performed in an effort to increase self-love, and the second, involving magick to draw love into one’s life. Note that we mention self-love here first. This is because self-love is the very foundation you must have to find love in your life.

Wiccans hold true the Hermetic axiom, “As above, so below,” but also “As within, so without.” More simply, if you cannot establish self-love within, you will not be able to manifest love in your life in the external world. With that said, consider using the self-love spell shared here first, before making the effort to draw love into your life externally.

A Bit on Spell Format

Some spells are written in rhyme and often this is the preferred format. The wording has a unique rhythm when it rhymes, and thereby contributes to the type of energies one wants to raise. Nevertheless, not every spell has to rhyme. To that end, not every spell has to be particularly elaborate. Some simple spells can prove the most powerful. The ability for a spell to work is highly dependent on one’s belief that it will work and that intention behind the action is both strong and genuine.


Self Love Spell

Among Wicca love spells the spells focusing on self-love are most ideal when you want to manifest love in your external environment. Through self-love, you recognize you are worthy of love and others will see you as worthy as well. Self-love is an essential building block in any loving relationship.

You must love, honor, and respect yourself if you want someone to do the same for you. When you begin loving yourself, you’ll soon discover that you know exactly what you want from a partner in your life, and that is what you will actively seek in a relationship. Here’s one of many simple Wicca love spells that promote self-love and respect:

  • Frankincense incense (for purification)
  • One black candle (charged with absorbing negativity)
  • One white candle (charged with positivity)
  • One white rose

Light the incense. Light the white and black candle while thinking about the concept of balance. Think about the balance you need within for self-love. This same balance will define your relationship to come. Once the candles are lit, place the white rose in front of the candles. This white rose is an offering to the Divine within yourself, and a reminder that you are deserving of love. Now say the following repeatedly, six times:

“Of love, I am worthy

Of love, I am deserving

Of love, I am filled.

Of love, I am.”

As you repeat the above chant, you’ll note how the lines bleed into one another so soon it sounds like a circular phrase where you are saying, “I am worthy of love, I am deserving of love, I am filled of love, I am of love.” Finish the last round with “So mote it be, blessed be.” Spend some time meditating on how you will love yourself more and the kind of love you want to draw into your life.

Divine Love Spell


This spell is one that symbolizes the love between the divine masculine and feminine. It is the same love you want to draw into your life and not only in relationships, but also in every aspect of your existence. You’ll need the following:

One gold candle (masculine divine)

One silver candle (feminine divine)

Lavender = for longevity, peace, harmony, love, and happiness.

Find the direction that faces East in your home (you can use a compass to do so, or use a mobile phone app. You will want to face this direction while working the spell as it is associated with new beginnings.

Each night for six nights, you will need to do the following. With the understanding that the gold candle represents the masculine and the silver candle represents the feminine, position the candles side by side but about a foot apart from one another. Each night you will light some lavender incense and bring the lit and burning candles two inches closer to one another while saying:

“With each passing day, love draws near and comes my way.” (Say three times)

Repeat this for the six nights, each time lighting lavender incense, until both candles are brought together. Do not use the candles for anything else. Melt down the wax (safely), and when it is cool enough, shape it into a heart. Put the heart in a safe place where it will remain protected and intact. Make sure on the final day of the spell you face the West direction when performing it. The corner is associated with deep emotions and transformation.

The above Wicca love spells are one of many you can use to attract abundant love into your life. Bear in mind that not all Wicca love spells are the same, so review a spell carefully before you use it. To verify if the spell is good, ask yourself some questions.

Who wrote the spell? What is the spell attempting to achieve? Is the request of the spell realistic in terms of expectations? Finally, make sure the intention and wording of the spell are not only accurate, but also selected wisely, while maintaining an interested in adherence to the Wiccan Rede.